J. Nice Records


Who We Are

J. Nice Records is a record label located in Stockholm, Sweden. We dedicate ourselves to our artists and future artists, focusing on production, promotion, and publishing. Founded in 2016 makes us a new young competitor in the industry. However, research, knowledge, and experience are part of a much longer history, and together with talented artists we are now ready to officially join and develop the industry. Our goal is to release hit radio and YouTube songs while continuously pushing and helping our crew reach new highs.


What We Do

When signing with us you are offered various services to facilitate your success.
Become part of our crew and take the opportunity to create a path for your music to be heard!

Share knowledge

Together with us and other artists you get to take advantage of our experience and knowledge in order to develop faster.


We offer to produce the songs for you if you need. This way you can easily modify any part of the track more conveniently.


Once production is ready we will begin promoting your song on various platforms in order to increase the reach.


In the final step of the process we help you to officially release your music to the public through our label.


Ever thought about joining a record label? We are continuously scouting for new talent and you might be the perfect fit for J Nice.

Send us a demo so we can take a look at your work and hopefully join the crew! Contact us or send demo to: info@jnicerecords.com


News Flow



If you would like to sign with us or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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